• What's this?
    This is an innovative and polymorphic CMS (Content Management System) powered by a WAF (Web Application Framework), combined in a dead-easy to use package... >>
  • Why zoglair?
    Because it has a unique feature set that - among others - allows you to build a wide range of web sites and online applications, using a single source codebase... >>
  • Why not?
    Since there is no such thing as a perfect for all solution, we have compiled a list of zoglair properties that may not work for you or seem as anti-features... >>
  • Info Kiosk Info Kiosk
    Familiarize yourself with various aspects of its personality.
  • User Guide User Guide
    Use it to power up your blog, forum, shop, magazine, etc.
  • Developer Guide Developer Guide
    Make it work the way you want, extending its functionality.
  • Designer Guide Designer Guide
    Make it look as you please, using its template engine.

Zoglair in Action

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