The phrase tag outputs a localized version (according to the active language) of a Phrase. It consists of the phrase name, optionally followed by comma delimited parameters, enclosed in curly and square brackets:


For example:

{[time.aMomentAgo]}   ➩ a moment ago
{[time.inXMinutes,3]} ➩ in 3 minutes

The same tag is used for system variables. The difference between a phrase and a variable is that variables do not have dots into their names and they do not accept parameters:


The following variables are defined:

  • domain
    Your domain name (as specified in Domain Settings), linked to your home page.
  • doname
    Your domain name (as above), in plain text (not linked).
  • host
    The host name of the current URL.
  • lastVisit
    The current user's last visit time, in “j M Y, H:i:s” format (see this PHP page for an explanation).
  • qc
    The number of queries executed for the current page.
  • qt
    The total time spent for the current page query execution.
  • rt
    The total time spent for generating the current page. This includes qt.
  • user
    The current username along with its active security level.
  • zoglair
    The name of the platform, linked to its home page.
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