Domain Setup

Domain Setup This is the first screen you will be faced with, provided that zoglair has been installed correctly. If it has not, then you will have to deal with a fatal error, called a BSoD.

This is actually a form through which you initialize a new zoglair domain with default styling and content. Please, have in mind that at this point your database is empty. After you successfully submit this form, zoglair will create the required tables and populate them with default content, partially based on your input. However, anything you enter here - except “Content Languages” - can be changed later, from inside your ACP.

Let us see the options in detail:

Display Name
Zoglair uses 2 names for a domain: one that is machine readable and it has to follow strict naming rules, and another that is used for displaying.
The very first domain is called “default”. You cannot change that, but it shouldn't matter. The only places where this is visible, is inside zoglair.cfg.php.
Content Languages
This is a very important decision as it cannot be changed afterwords. This is due to the way zoglair handles multilingual content: all fields (database columns) declared as multilingual, are created with an actual size that is multiple of their declared one. For example, the “description” of a page is declared as multilingual with a size of 160 characters. In a 2-language domain its actual size will be 160*2.
So, if you create a domain with a single content language, then you cannot add another later because there will be no room in your database. If, on the other hand, you create a domain with two content languages and decide to publish only one of them, then you will not a have a problem, except from wasting some space and a small processing overhead.
Please, understand that this input has nothing to do with the content written by your domain's users (such as blog comments and forum posts) neither with automatic content translations offered by external services such as google's. This only has to do with content written by you, in your site's pages, articles, product descriptions, etc.
The bottom fact is that unless you actually intent to write your whole site in two or more languages, then you should not enter them here.
The webmaster is the highest security level that zoglair supports. The setup script will create an account and assign this level to it. After domain creation, it will use this account to automatically log you in.
Here you have to enter the required username of that account, which must comply with zoglair's node naming standard. Although you can, it is not recommended to enter a username which implies a security level (such as webmaster, admin, etc).
The password used for the above user account. It can be anything, up to 31 characters long.
Domain Profile
Choose one of the available profiles, according to the nature (intended usage) of your new domain. If your domain combines the characteristics of two or more profiles, then choose the one that is more tricky to setup, in the following order: Minimal, Informative, A la carte, Community. If you are going to use a forum, then it is highly recommended that you select the “Community” profile, especially if this is your first domain.
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