This file is needed if your skin has more than one style defined. A skin style is one or more variations (different values) of style variables. These are usually color related, but they can also affect layout (eg, from fixed width to fluid).

You define styles inside mySkin.php, as following:

class zSkinMySkin extends zSkinBase
    function __construct($INFO)

        parent::set_style('', array(
            // define default style variables here
        parent::set_style('red', array(
            // define red style variables here
        parent::set_style('green', array(
            // define green style variables here

Please notice that you do not have to repeat all the variables defined in the default style. Only those for which you want to change their values.

Based on the above example, your “mySkin.txt” file must have the following content:


In other words, in this file we list all additional (to the default) styles, separated with the pipe symbol.

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